Signals are a method for tracking your customers behaviour over time. These are helpful to identify the drop off in usage of features as potential retention issues or an increase in usage as a signal for expansion.

The signal model


name string

A unique name representing the signal.

action_key string

The action you want to track.

metric string

Use metric instead of action_key to specify a custom name and period for the two default signals: active_unique_users and user_sessions.

outcome string

Whether the signal is positive or negative in nature. (Default: positive)

aggregate string

How to aggregate when comparing the data between the two periods. (Default: sum)

attribute string

The attribute in the event data to use for calculating the aggregate=sum.

threshold integer

The percentage difference between the previous and current periods to act as the trigger for the signal. It can be either a positive or negative difference.

period string

The period lengths to aggregate data over.

alert_if_no_activity boolean

The signal will activate when there are zero events in the current period. (Default: false)