Getting Started

In this guide, you will learn the basics of Valued so you can send data and analyze your customers' behaviour.

Before you begin

To complete this tutorial, you'll need:

  • A Valued account, organization and project.

    Start by browsing to Highly Valued and signing in with your Google account. Follow the steps to create an organization and a project.

    • An organization distinguishes your company on Valued. Add a name that represents your organization.
    • A project is used to identify the different environments in your application or, different applications themselves.

Valued basics

  • Customers - these can be companies, organizations or teams within your company. It's an account that can subscribe to your product. If you're a B2B product, several users will belong to a single customer and if you're a B2B2C, you'll also have single-user customers, that might grow to multiple-users.

  • User - an individual who performs actions in your product. Users can belong to one or more companies.

  • Customer memberships - what you use to let us know the exact relationship between a customer and a user.

  • Events - these are pageviews, syncs, actions, everything that a user can do within your product or application. An event can be performed by a user in a customer account or in their own profile. Send events referencing both so that the event shows up linked to both a customer and a user accordingly.

    • When a user updates their profile
      • send a /sync event to Valued
      • send a /pageview that user viewed profile page
      • send an /action event that user updated their profile

Send behaviour and revenue data to Valued

Sync both behaviour and revenue data to correlate customers behaviour and income.

Stripe Integration

Sync Stripe billing data with Valued.

Capturing behaviour

Capture website behaviour to understand how your users browse your site/app and distinguish viewers from active users


Work with the Valued SDKs to send behaviour and revenue data from your application to Valued.

Goals and Signals

Set goals and signals for your customers to reach.