Revenue Resources


Each subscription generates an invoice on the specified billing period.

The invoice model

The invoice specifies the amount owed and for what it is owed. It contains invoice items, which may include prorates when upgrades/downgrades happen.


idstringYesUnique identifier
subscriptionstringYesA name of a subscription
totalintegerYesA total amount that was paid
currencystringYes3 letter ISO currency code for this invoice
subtotalintegerNoTotal cost of the items before discounts and taxes are applied
statusstringNoInvoices can have one of five statuses: draft, open, paid, void, uncollectible.
finalized_atintegerNoUnix epoch timestamp
paid_atintegerNoUnix epoch timestamp
discountintegerNoDiscounted amount applied to the invoice
taxintegerNoTax value
invoice_itemsarrayNoA list of Invoice Items
Invoice statusDescription
draftThis invoice isn't ready to use. All invoices start in draft status.
openThis invoice is finalized and awaiting payment
paidThis invoice is paid.
voidThis invoice is cancelled.
uncollectibleCustomer is unlikely to pay the invoice. Use this status when your payments provider automatically supports it. Otherwise, choose void or paid