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Use price to define the unit of cost, currency and billing cycle for recurring purchases.

Your pricing-model associates a price with a given fixed-recurring plan, with a given unit of its corresponding tier, or charges all units based on volume purchased.

The price model

The price model has all the information specifying how much, how often and when to charge the given amount. Set your pricing model using the tiers object.


idstringYesUnique identifier for this price.
namestringNoThe name of a price. Use a brief description of the price.
intervalstringYesBilling frequency. Either day, week, month or year.
interval_countintegerYesHow many times a plan should recur.
billing_schemestringYesHow to understand the price per period. Either per_unit or tiered.
currencystringYesThree-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase.
activebooleanYesWhether this price is active for new purchases.
unit_amountintegerYesThe unit amount in cents to be charged, represented as an integer.
tiersarray of hashesYesThe pricing tier this price belongs to. See tiers.