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Subscriptions charge a customer on a recurring basis. Subscriptions are a contract by an organization to provide services to a customer.

A subscription sets the top level attributes for the contract if it's active, when it starts and ends, trial dates and its currency.

The subscription model

Subscriptions let customers make recurring payments to use your product in a certain way. Each subscription has a status that can change over time, a currency and properties to specify it's duration and it's trial.


idstringYesUnique identifier for the object
statusstringYesStatus of the subscription. Possible values are incomplete, incomplete_expired, trialing, active, past_due, canceled, or unpaid.
currencycurrencyYesThree-letter ISO-4271 currency code.
started_attimestampYesUnix epoch time the subscription was started
canceled_attimestampNoUnix epoch time the subscription was canceled
trial_start_attimestampNoWhen applicable, Unix epoch time the trial began
trial_end_attimestampNoWhen applicable, Unix epoch timethe trial ended at
period_endtimestampYesUnix epoch time of the end of the period the subscription has been invoiced for
ended_attimestampNoUnix epoch time the subscription ends